Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I do if I have leakage?
A: If the leakage is around the base, this can be the result of the vent not adhering properly to the pouch surface. The area where the Osto-EZ-Vent® will attach to must be cleaned with 91% isopropyl alcohol to remove the coating on the pouches. If the coating is not removed properly the adhesive will stick to the coating and after use the Osto-EZ-Vent® can sometimes lift off. If the leakage occurs during burping the Osto-EZ-Vent®, be sure you are either sitting or standing when releasing air. When lying down stool will shift throughout the pouch and can than escape along with the gas.

Q: Who will benefit the most by using the Osto-EZ-Vent®?
A: Anyone who generates gas and would like to be able to relieve the pressure easily and quickly with confidence, and continue activities as usual.

Q: Can anyone use the Osto-EZ-Vent®?
A: Yes. Children, active adults, retired persons and nursing home patients use the Osto-EZ-Vent®.

Q: Can the Osto-EZ-Vent® be used on any pouch? One piece and two piece?
A: Yes, the Osto-EZ-Vent® can be attached to any manufacturers or any type pouch

Q: How does the Osto-EZ-Vent® attach to the pouch?
A: The Osto-EZ-Vent® has a special adhesive attached that will bond to the pouch (see How to Attach). It sticks immediately, however a 24 hour bonding time is recommended to ensure complete bonding.

Q: How do I puncture the hole?
A: The simplest method is to use a small sharp scissor, such as a cuticle scissor. The hole can be made with the scissor. Then trim plastic to make the opening large enough to let air out freely.(see How to Attach)

Q: Can the Osto-EZ-Vent® be reused ?
A: No. The Osto-EZ-Vent® bonds to the pouch for a secure seal.

Q: Does the Osto-EZ-Vent® become ineffective in water?
A: No, the user can bath or swim. It does not become ineffective in water.

Q: How long does the Osto-EZ-Vent® last?
A: It will last as long as the pouch is worn.

Q: I have an ileostomy. Can I use the Osto-EZ-Vent® without leakage?
A: Yes. Many ileostomates use the Osto-EZ-Vent®.

Q: Does the Osto-EZ-Vent® filter?
A: No. It was designed without a filter, allowing for a large enough hole for the air to release quickly and easily. The elimination of a filter enables the Osto-EZ-Vent® to be used in water.

Q: How do I reduce odor?
A: Reduce odor by using deodorizers like Na 'Scent (; reference Osto-EZ-Vent® when asked).

Q: Does the hole plug?
A: Depending on the individual, the hole may plug. If it does plug it is easy to unplug. Simply clear the hole with a toothpick. Discard the toothpick.

Q: What makes the Osto-EZ-Vent® different from other venting systems?
A: There is no other venting system like it on the market. It is simple, easy to use, easy to install, works effectively and efficiently for the life of your pouch.
Q: If my pouch has a built in filter can I use the Osto-EZ-Vent®?
A: You can use both however Medicare will only pay for one.